Our language week in Malta, May 2018

Do you happen to know which country is one of the most densely populated, has a unique language and has as many churches as there are days in a year?

This place is called Malta and we only just spent a week there to do an English language course. But why go to Malta to learn English? Not many people know this but Malta has actually two official languages, one of them is English and the other one is a mixture of Arabic, Italian and English called Maltese. 26 students of 4AHEL 4AHET and 4BHET decided to spend a week  there  together with Ms. Peltzer and Ms. Koller to practice our English. We attended a very professional language school called European School of English (ESE) and we benefitted a lot form the lessons. In addition we were also speaking English with our host families, where we were living.

After our English lessons we had some interesting additional activities. We visited both the old and the new capital of Malta called Mdina and Valletta. Moreover, we spent an afternoon on the uninhabited island of Comino and we went on a jeep safari to remote areas of Malta. And finally on Saturday there was still one trip to go, a day trip to Gozo, Malta´s little sister island. However, what we enjoyed the most was the speed boat ride through the caves of Comino.

Malta is well worth a visit due to its historical heritage. The Knight of Saint St. John protected the Maltese archipelago against raids of pirates and the Ottomans. Malta was an important strategic location during WWII by providing a marine base for the British Navy in its natural harbour and an airfield for the US Air force. It has also got a rich cultural heritage such as the fortifications around Valletta and the Arab origins of Medina, and all around the island 400 year old watch towers can be seen.

If you have the opportunity to go on a language trip next year, why don´t convince your teacher to travel to Malta. I´m sure you will enjoy it as much as we did.


by Aren Ghoukasian (4BHET), Florian Ehart and Stefan Krottendorfer (4AHEL)

Photos by Florian Katits (4AHEL) and Jonas Schneider (4BHET)